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In 2015,I was done with my college and was waiting for the results so that i can go pick my cert,i only had the transcripts ,you know Nairobi without jobs is stress,i started searching for works but no one wanted to hire me ju ya transcript,they wanted the certs,i reached a point sioni job ikipatikana,i decided to look for a househelp job,one day as i was in this streets,there is a lady who posted requesting for a housegirl,i… went to the comments and followed on the “me too people” hapo kwa comments.I got one lady saying she is also looking for a housegirl,she has one kid and salary range was 5k,i slided in her dm and we chatted,nikajaribu kubargain but akabaki tu hapo kwa 5k,i was so broke and had no option,so we agreed i pack my things and meet her hapo beleview,i did nikaenda,that is when i realised she had baby after 4th form,her mum took responsibility of her baby as she proceeded to college,the baby stays with her granny in kisumu and the baby visits hee mum only during holidays,so the day we met is when her mum had brought ter son to Nairobi and was only waiting for me to arrive niwachiwe mtoto ndio amsindi hadi kwa the sister where she was going to spend the night before arudi kisumu,the granny was driving,lol!in one hrs time i was at the place we agreed and she came with her mum to pick me,we drove to south c where she stays in a 2 bedroomed house,her mum interrogated me on her behalf akasema nimpee ID and everything,i showed her everything,akasema watachukua copy of my ID wakae nayo which was ok with me,i was introduced to the boy i had came to take care of .hehe,kijana mdogo hivi,he was in grade one,hajui kiswahili,he only speaks english,ngosh,Fada lawd,i liked the baby juu anaongea mingi and i like talkative kids,sio wa kunyamaza na kuzubaa😆😆😆,sorry for her mum left nikaambiwa i prepare supper,the kitchen was dirty so nikaanza na kuclean kitchen before i prepare food,it was rice beef . Part 2👇👇👇👇

May 20, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:25

Ahh wee mbona unatueka.. Lakini kama ulipea mtoto jiwekee

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