Confession #239

#239 61

In my hotel there is a man who is my frequent customer.The man usually comes weekly to the hotel , besides that he cheats on his wife with a side chick,,,one day he came early which was unusual for him na Mimi Kwa sababu nilikuwa nimemnoki wife wake,I decided to leave for his home ,in good luck I got the wife.goodmorning madam ,”I greeted her,morning too ,she responded ” I have come to see your husband who is my inner is long time since we saw each other that’s why I have decided to come myself to come and see him .But I don’t think he will be back now because he said he will be having a long journey.” she responded,okay no problem Sasa madam Mimi nilikuwa na cha kukuambia ,I have been seeing you na unanivutia kando na hayo huwa umo akilini mwangu would you mind us dating coz nakufeel Saana,I will be inviting you to my hotel turelaz huko afterwards we can move to wherever you want us to go,The wife didn’t hide the smile of acceptance on her face and agreed with me.okay let’s meet wish you well and never utter anything to your husband because it will break our long time friendship.,,,it is another day and the man has arrived to the hotel,I decided to mail a card and addressed it to his home calling the wife for our meeting.The lady arrived and did not notice that the so called husband was at the back corner with side chick,I ordered for ka small breakfast as we sat on the customer service seats, before we started taking tea , something lingered into my mind and decided to look where the husband was,tears rolled down my cheeks Aki my friend I know I have hurt you and I don’t want to end our friendship with you please forgive me ni shetani tu ndo alinitembelea but I won’t repeat ,the husband so the wife and got confused woooooi what is not happening as he fainted,,,my husband forgive me kumbe the husband had already died.

March 12, 2020 |
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