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Is it weird to be mad at my mom for depending on me? I’m 22 and now I have to foot all the bills at home.. so nawalea yeye na grandma. My mum is 43, she doesn’t work koz she says “amerogwa hakuna biz anaweza fanya”. Yaani hata the house can stay dirty for a month koz “ako na majini anashindwa kufanya anything”. I don’t even have stable hustles koz I’m still a student. Damn! I’m really bitter about this, I’m stuck with bullshit. Is kurogwa even a thing?! Mtu anakula ugali Kama ya mjengo na hata kikombe hawezi osha

June 27, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:37

Please help your family when you can. I had a bad experience. I was not keen on my family when I was working. Now, I lost my job like 3 years ago, and my mom has been really supportive to an extent of giving me money for food.

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