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It took so much for me to put this down but this guy must be exposed, if you have heard of a school called St. Kelvin Hill Academy, I went to that school at the age of like 10, so I was in st. Kelvin diplomat this school is either cursed or sijui tu, all Male teachers there were paedophiles, I remember our headteacher mister opiyo, this teacher used to touch our private parts in his office, he used to tell us to come to school on Sunday imagine, a class six, hii nugu ilikuwa inaniita halafu kananishika matiti, I swear I hate him, I was a jovial brilliant kid, like number one was always for me or my best friend but after him starting to make this his usual and started kissing me, that’s when I lost myself, became numb and dumb, listen this f****d me all the way 😭😭😭 onetime he tried raping a girl who was my friend imagine tukiwa class six 😭😭😭 dem aliscream akaseviwa na teacher wa swahili,

headteacher was jailed and my mom took us to another branch, sasa uko ndo worse, tulipelekwa main school where the manager had his office, this man is f*****g rich, having 26 schools, (st. Kelvin) this sucker once locked my sister in his office from morning to six PM, his office yaani was sound proofed yaani ata ufanye nini hakuna mtu atakuskia,

my sister was given an option of p2 and a condom which alikataa zote that’s when she was locked inside, mind you this guy had a lot of money in his office like he would call us on sundays tumpangie doh, like 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50 and coins separate like 20, 10,5, and 1 Bob then anakuachia ka doh, fast forward that evening my sister was saved my soldier, because he had the key and used to lock his office pia, but I guess he was used to seeing that so angekufungulia na akuonee tu huruma, next day siz akikam shule imagine alimchapa na kikoto she bled, my mom came to school but for some reason bado tulikaa hiyo shule…

May 16, 2020 |
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