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It was after highschool Dec year 2000. I was in family business of supplying dry maize. This time we had supplied at Kabansola in Embakasi. They gave us the cheques of credit bank located in Koingange street. Me and 3 other people two women and a guy went to the bank together for security purposes. I was the first to be served. We had earlier gone a couple of times and since the bank didnt have a large clientile, the branch manager Mr Ndungu had gotten used to me especially to due to my young and naive looks yet transacting large amounts of cash oftenly.
This day I was served by a lady. It was on 22nd Dec which was supposed to be the last transaction that year. My open cheque was 1,000,300. The lady gave me 1.3m. At first I wasnt sure whether I was the one on the wrong or not. Almost had an amnicia but I held on. On getting to the vehicle, all the rest were asking me whether I was ok but I held my ground. On reaching home, I kept my 270,000/= aside. It came January and we went back to the same bank. When the branch manager saw me, he called the lady and asked her whether it was me she thought she gave more amount. She said yes. Ndungu turned to me and asked me whether it was true & I said no. His words still echo in my conscience to date. He said, ‘I knew this boy couldnt have taken such an amount’. One day I’ll look for the lady and return the cash. She must have paid for it. Only that these days we didnt have cell phones.

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