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I’ve been in a relationship for like 3 and a half years now. In the first two years we were good with no issues. On our third year togerher, it has been full chaos, no peace at all but we managed to resolve, recently the boy asked for my hand in marriage and I accepted now on with plans.The problem is our communication is poor and he doesn’t start till I start in most cases.The problem is that whenever I ask for money he says he has just spent which he had. He lied to me that he had organized his house I mean furniture wise but I have discoverd it was a lie. Again he said he was ready for wedding and later he said his family was against because he has a certificate he needs to cancel(he was to go to America but it failed so they had vouched a marriage certificate at DC).So I told him because I understand the deal let him pay the dowry we do it kind traditional. At first he agreed but he said again that he doesn’t have the dowry and he isn’t ready. How can I go about it please? Sorry for a long post,please help me.Thank you.

January 28, 2021 |
2021-01-29 05:48:18

tell him to get his house in order

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