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I’ve been looking for a place to cough this out and u making it happen for me thanks,I grew up in a family of both parents but with a step dad and it was like living with strangers coz no one cared wat u did or didn’t do,it all started when I was in class 6 I met this dude who was finishing his high school, he made me a woman paged me and denied the pregnancy,when my mom found out she didn’t even ask me about it.

She went to my school for the teachers to do that for her,the stupid me denied but I was given time for my mom to take me for checkup and yes I was paged not knowing how old the pregnancy was😞😞am now in class 7 I give birth to a boy just 2weeks after the second clinic visit,my mom nursed me I left her with the baby went back to school and the devil of sex in me come back again just after some months, I got into another relationship did ma KCPE with another baby on the way and my mom never knew of this till she come back at home just to find me holding a baby.

I know u wondering how comes she never knew,its coz God blessed me with that body that no one knows u pregnant till u surprise them with a baby,my mom was so disappointed in me and that’s how I got married to the father of my second born,am now 24yrs old and two cute kids boy and a girl😘😘but I don’t feel my anything for the man am married to,it becomes even worse when we f**k.

I pretend I feel him just to make him c*m, this year I met this married man we have been f*****g and I must confess he is good, just the thought of him turns me on and it also helps me when am with my hubby I think of him how he moans for me to c*m, am so scared 1day I might call out his name and that will be the end of me,👏👏

May 21, 2023 |
2023-05-22 11:10:27

Single mother problems. Nkt

2023-05-22 05:34:12

Another reason not to date single mothers. They are looking for HELP not love.

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