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Kuna this ex of mine nimeshindwa kuget over ..tulipatana fb 🙊 but I must admit he’s the best guy I’ve ever dated…am 100% sure he doesn’t know that am still madly in love with him…av tried like 2 relationships tangu tuachane but sijapata Kama yeye…the guy knew how to work on my honeypot kabisa…one SEXperience I can never forget ilikuwa 2014 tulienda away match (kpl)..after game tulienda kwa one of the hotels tukabook room ili tufreshen up coz ilikuwa turudi nai that night though dere alisema tutatoka midnight..(wasee huenda away matches wanaelewa hiyo mambo)…let me just say love tulimake kwa hiyo room siezi eleza…the guy screwed me vilivyo…now what hurts me is Niko in a relationship Sai but nikimake love na my guy me hufikiria my Mr x fr me to wet or even release…kuna day niliita jina yake mzae akinifuck hmmm…

Hey boss najua utasoma hii story rematch ni muhimu ..I sincerely miss us and I regret walking out of our relationship coz of ‘josem’…

August 25, 2020 |
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