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Ladies,You want him to stay but you do not want to understand that men are created and wired differently….not like us women. If you truly want to win a mans heart, affection and must be patient enough to learn the nature/biology of a man…My sistas… do you understand and accept that men and sex are inseparable? Their appetite for sex is like anyone’s appetite for food.. (kushiba saa hii si kusema hatakula baadaye) That is so clear to all women, that’s why you call them cheaters and dogs…etc coz they can’t seem to have enough of sex. So why is it that you are struggling too much as a wife to please him in all other ways other than sexually? A man had better sleep hungry but ‘eat you’… If you can’t take this then..Do not enslave the boychild in Ur marriage.. stop forcing him to act against nature….stop preaching to him in bed, instead think of how to make him admire you and come back to you for more!! Coz for sure he needs it and if he cant get it then itabidi akatafute.. especially if you behave as if u don’t understand this…itabidi akatane nje hata kama anakupenda aje…. akiwa na bahati ya kuwa na Roho mtakatifu atakuvumilia Kwa muda so don’t punish him though let him enjoy being a man. The shortest route to divorce is kukazia Mzee… usiwahi pimia Mzee., Coz hawajui excess ni kusema wat. let him hummer you as much as he wishes. Infact minimum twice a day. Before kulala n before leaving for work… Heri umnyime usiku but morning, mpee kamoja pliizz .. Yours is to enjoy, maintain and service the engine.. P***y is not P***y my dear… Maintain yako vizuri itakupa service!. Otherwise Kwa wale interested in learning how to increase libido, enjoy sex and have a great time with our partners let’s share how to maintain the fruit between fresh, tight, clean, hot… Etc watu wa kuosha na maji mkaee Kona pliz musianze kutuambia za cancer!! Mimi yangu huosha na ka soft baby toothbrush and Colgate original kadogo!

June 6, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:33

Men are created to be a seed and by nature they have to explore.Hata akienda atarudi tu as long as you do it right for him.
If Sarah ,Abraham’s wife was as nagging as we the women of today,she wouldn’t have given a housekeeper (Hagar) to Abraham her husband during that period that she couldn’t bare children and she wouldn’t be called mother of nations today,even Abraham wouldn’t have returned to her.

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