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My business and hers are just door neighbours. She is very sexy and well mannered. I am married to a very beautiful lady. I could tell that my neighbour was developing feelings towards me. One evening after others had closed shop she came to my place and our hands were all over each other. She has a boyfriend who comes to her place reularly.
We really developed feelings for each other and after two weeks we went and had sex. Unfortunately, her bf saw texts which i had sent the gf. He was really mad but the gf managed to convince him that we did not reach a point of breaking it up. Now the bf comes to her place of work in the morning till evening and spies on her phone. She once called me and told me she literally has no life. The most catching thing is that when we talk i can hear her laugh and she says she feels happy to talk to me. The weird thing is that i cant talk to her during the day since the bf is around. She really looks sad. She cant even send an sms since she is afraid the bf will see incase i reply late. I also like her but i feel guilty since i feel responsible for her situation…just asking anyone who has ever been in such a situation and how did it end up

October 24, 2021 |
2021-10-24 14:08:53

Utarudi tu kwa bibi yako

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