Confession #241

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My dear parents, I love you do much but i don’t know how I can tell you this 🙈🙈it’s five years now down the lane since I joined the university,you have been deeply struggling to pay me fees in school of education in campus where you thought I was but sijui nitaongeaje na mungu Dunia ifunguke inimeze,,it has come time for I should graduate but unfortunately am sorry my parents 😥😥I have never attended any class for the five years😣😣😣mum,,dad,, I joined commercial sex working which couldn’t give me time to attend classes🙊🙊I have been squandering all the money you have been sending as fees. hata kama ni kunikata mkono kama punishment, allow you because nilikosea najua hamwezi sahau but I don’t know what I can do before we meet. Sorry mom. Sorry dad.

March 12, 2020 |
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