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My father was such a strict man especially on academics, he was a teacher himself, so i finished primary sch and passed well, secured a place in a provincial sch(moi gals high – vokoli) but out of nowhere, my father refused to pay my high sch fees, he said he wanted to concentrate on paying for our step siblings and so he sent me to my elder brother to ask him to pay my fees, he also refused and sent me back, it went on like that for a whole month, and later on my bro decided to take me for admission with a little amount and i was happy to join high sch, didn’t mind much about my empty box with no shopping requirements, was just happy i was joining at last.
That whole yr i was in and out of sch, being sent home frequently for fees and nobody was willing to pay the huge balance that had accrued. When we opened Form2 first term, the administration called me and explained to me that they couldn’t have me in sch any longer with such a huge balance so I was sent home with all my belongings. I felt really bad.
I stayed home for a whole yr, working as a house gal while my mates were in sch. The following yr, my sister volunteered to take me back to sch but in a day sch nearby home. I was happy, I was admitted in F2, worked hard and managed to get a C plain in KCSE but again there was no money for college. 2yrs of idling around landed me into this early marriage trouble now. I went through the worst in marriage as a young gal. 8yrs later, my younger brother decided to pay for my college fees and by this time I had 2kids, my so called husband was very much against it. But I didn’t want to miss this opportunity so I enrolled for my 3yrs diploma course and worked hard amidst all odds and cleared successfully. I tried looking around for a job, all this while, nothing was coming forth. I became so desperate and would grab any little job opportunity that was available hoping to work hard and through that maybe get better employment but nothing.

June 3, 2020 |
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