Confession #155

#155 488

Naishi pipeline fan wa reggae sana. Nafanya job kwa garage ya muindi ya kuuza tyres. Napenda pia single mothers wa pipeline Niko also fan wa
the smell of dirty panties.
Panties can smell a little different depending on what she eats, how long she wears the same pair, if she gets a little pee on them, at what point she is in her cycle, and so on. the Front seam of the crotch/gusset. This is where her c**t and front folds of v***a are. When it smells really good, there is usually a yellowish/whitish bit of delicious dirtiness there. It has a high, sharp note. Flowery and sweet. Sometimes it can have hints of white pepper. I think the peppery scent is present when certain food or drink is consumed. Generally the smell is up high “in your head”.

March 5, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:10

That’s gross…….yuk! Ushindwe

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