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Nikiwa colle, had a boyfriend and I loved him but he was broke. No treats or outings and the only money he gave me was ksh 300, let me call him “fire”. So the village girl living in me wanted to have some fun, living in a hostel in Ngara I came to meet this man called Simon and we would f**k and he would take me outs. He was nice but all he needed was company, after all I had my boyfriend “fire” and so I kept it a secret. I got pregnant, I told Simon it was his and I told my boyfriend it was his yet it was not his. As a college lady I had goals and ambitions and so I decided to have an abortion. I told Simon but he did not listen, he did not take responsibility but my boyfriend took responsibility but he said he could not provide anything. I lied to my parents of trip to Mombasa and I got 8k, by then I had shifted to Huruma and a friend showed me a chemist where I could do the procedure. And so the doctor told me to lay on a bed and started inserting something in my v****a and it did not fit. So he said he had to open the way and the only way was to f**k me, stupidly I agreed and after that he put some pills and the deal was done. My boyfriend was mad about it but he understood I had to finish college but I did not mention that I had f****d the doctor. So Simon was past tense and I continued to hang out with my boyfriend, he was good in bed but I did not like him and we were not compatible. I lied to him that I did not go out but I used to hook up with some guy in a club, his name was Moseti. He had a tiny d**k and was not good in bed but I pretended, he got me pregnant and dumped me. I had broken up with my boyfriend but he was still pursuing me, so I told him I was pregnant and he got very sad, I had nothing to do and would not tell my parents. So I begged him and I moved to his place with all my stuff by force. He told me to leave by one week but I did not leave and he was calm. He said he would raise the child as far Moseti would not bother us.

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2021-01-13 21:31:13

Hio Beta male Ghaseer of a boyfriend should be castrated

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