Confession #416

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Now, hubby came home n he was tired, my phone had no airtime so i borrowed his then he was sleepy his phone was off so i asked for pin but the phone didn’t start so i actually woke him finally he opened. to my curiosity, the pin he had given me was Mpesa pin i chilled with my secret for months one day we had a fight all coz of money coz he was not giving as i needed. One day he came home as usual his wallet was empty but his phone had 30,000 i borrowed him some he said sina pesa umeziona wapi ? Ok i replied basi nitaftie 3000 atleast he went silent then i thought of a plan to have the money tne next day before he woke up i took his phone and emptied his m-pesa account to 0.00sh finally he knew it was me but we are still together. And he kept quiet about it. But alibadilisha Mpesa Pin

April 22, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:18

So he is your atm machine
Alafu you’re robbing him now

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