Confession #981

#981 137

Now, my cousins taught me how to kiss, f**k, and all the nasty dirty things. So you all remember those childhood memories when relatives wud come home for Christmas. Yeah, you now get the picture. So during afternoons we wud be left all alone as our uncles would go visitation. So these cuzos wud utilize any moment one is left with me to kiss and remove panty so I wud penetrate, being a village boy and never been to the city, this cuzos took me to another heaven wen it came to kissing and caressing. I rem at one time not recalling the particular one… Caressed and kissed just besides their paroz bed and ended up falling on the bed with a hott f**k… There was this particular one, Brenda who was the second born and the master of the art who I broke her virginity. We still revisit these memories with her up to date and she just laughs it off promising that sooner she gona bring back the memories… Waiting mode activated fr the day. My little confession even my wife has never known that I lost my virginity to a cousin.

July 20, 2020 |
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