Confession #1107

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Now, this whole week I dreamt of 4 coffins of which only one was open and they were chasing me with it after that I felt like I was strangled and when I wake up the marks were showing on my neck.Last night I dreamt about my close friend being dead and she died a natural death on my hands.It felt so real because on her funeral I could see myself with a mask and I could hear and see the people who were singing.I don’t know what to do anymore,I am having sleepless nights and it has been going on for a long time now.

What can I do ???

August 27, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:45

Immediately after dreaming something like that you need to pray and revoke those satanic plans…Usipoomba hua inakam kuhappen…for my case niliota kama kuna matanga kwa plot nastay so nikaashume since no one was sick but after hapo the same week neighbor alipass…

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