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Ok, this was done in a fit of boredom or in a spontaneous flash of pure inspiration, but consider this: shaving has the downside of hair growing back, and it often does so fairly quickly. Whereas waxing removes hair directly from the root, and the skin is left smooth and hairless for a longer time.

I personally like to wax, and I get it done by the pros at a waxing salon. Nothing is more gratifying (except masturbation) than having a pleasant convo with the esthetician while you’re lying there with your exposed man parts being worked on. I don’t wax everything off (the so-called “Manzillian” procedure); my goal is to keep things trimmed and tidy down there. I really like the choices I have in how much I want off, and at what angle I want the hairline. Wax the shaft, balls and between the cheeks — but leave the tummy trail intact… that’s how I like it done.

July 18, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:41

Clean balls…😋
Now that’s edible😅

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