Confession #238

#238 81

Ooh dad, ooh dad, am truly sorry sorry for I had slept with my step mum who is your so called wife,,,you had gone for a seminar abroad,you left us home with my step mother who always started calling me good names unusually,,,which threw me an implication that small mum needed my company in bed,,haki sorry dad ,,Mimi mwenyewe sijui nifanye ndio nisahau,,,,but dad I understand the kind of haunting I put to you but naomba unisamehe,,,,,I am aware of the pregnancy mum has ni yangu dad ,,,am ready for any punishment you can render to me but makosa ngine ni Yako,,,,ulioa msichana mdogo who is almost my agemate…..Naihukumu sana roho yangu but sijui nifanyeje,,? Dad,,,ingekuwa ni wewe under such pressure,,, what could you have done???

March 12, 2020 |
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