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Recently, I had sex with my school friend’s mom. I first met that friend in 9th grade and saw her mother in 10th grade when he told me about a group study at his home. My friend’s mom has an amazing figure and looks very young. When I looked at her carefully, I just realized she was wearing a semi-transparent dress, and her bra was clearly visible to me. Most of the time, she dressed like that.I noticed love bite marks on my friend’s mother’s neck. At first, I thought it was just a skin rash. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her getting f****d by some neighbor’s uncle.
(I deleted some of my confession data because of the word limit.)
My friend’s mother grabbed my d**k and started sucking it. ahhhhhdhhhhhshhhhh. Seriously, man, I never felt that sensation before. ahhhhhhhashhhhh. It’s really my friend, mom, and my d**k is inside her, and it feels damn good to do all this with my friend, mom. I looked directly into her eyes and confessed my love. At first, she didn’t react and remained quiet, then suddenly she grabbed me very tightly. At that time, she was giving me a girlfriend vibe.The second day, my friend Mom told me that she was getting attracted to me.

April 2, 2024 |
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