Confession #4264

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Sijui how I can explain it…..then she stretches the m0re she stretches the deeper I g0 inside her she gets super wet n tight huk0 ndani….then it feels really nice s0 f**k harder t0 help her finish….bad0 kama amel0ck miguu she parts her legs n pia zangu zinapart mi najua she’s almost I keep at it then out 0f n0where she h0lds me n pulls me t0wards her n bites me its super exiting…later I came t0 know they’re called hickies….then she slips a finger in my a*s hata sikuelewa ilifika huko aje ju nlikuwa tipsy kiasi….I just feel c*m ikikuja….I have never c*m like that ever…n0t before n0t ever again I came s0 hard I th0ught my heart w0uld sijui hata niseme nini….I came s0 hard….so apparently wen I c0me inside her when she’s that tight it made her c0me t00 mpaka anatetemeka…..After we rec0ver were like what the f**k just happened….we had to take it sl0w kiasi….my d**k was painful….she was s0re mpaka p***y inakaa pink….my balls hurt…nlikuwa naskia nikama nimemwaga kila kitu aki…ever since that I have always been looking for that experience tena na sijai pata….the chick left kusoma canada

December 16, 2023 |
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