Confession #777

#777 74

Sijui ni mimi ama tuko wengi, when i meet someone new guy ninakuanga na raha tunachat, calls, dates, but once ameanza story na sex, most especially vile anaitisha nakuanga nimeboeka nae kabisa, yani the way anaitisha makes me nimchukie na nichukie everything about sex. Ama niko na shida jameni?

June 7, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:33

In simple terms sex is not into you. You want a relationship yenye u build good relationship first then things like sex will follow later on when u are cormfortable with the bf. I think that’s you so hauna shida uko Sawa. Some of us ladies just want to create real relationship before twa twa coz unaweza Anza hvo then u boeka naye along the way. I believe in creating friendship first hizo twa twa ni baadaye koz either way no one has ever been sick due to lack of it

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