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since I finished school and i knew how to earn money, I have never engaged myself to anything bad which can destroy myself even I have never engaged to any relationship having in mind one day I will have my family and whatever I will have I will take care of them, after two years I had more than 12 cows and more than 20 goats, after another year I had my own land, there came a time they all died I was left with only land, after that I continued with my hard ways of earning, after a short time I had another job and was somehow paying, I built my own house at home a very descent building, after then I was fired, I had like 80k in my bank account, I withdrawn and situated a small business, God made connections with big business holders, after a year I left my wife in the shop and I started farming, first harvest I got more than 500k, after two years I was a millionaire, I had more than three shops, we together agreed my wife to join university but like two years to come all businesses collapsed and I was coned more than three million, and that is how I became bankrupt, banks took over all businesses and all my properties including the house I had, I remained with only 100k in my pocket, from there I got saved and I came to know only God makes ways,I was left alone, no wife, no money, my near friends ran out of my life
From there God directed me to use the 100k to go back to school, and that is what I did, I didn’t take 5months without paying job,after two years God took out my worries and favored me, I was blessed as I was, God gave me another educated wife than the one I educated and my name changed and taken to another level, am today a preacher
Don’t kill yourself, there’s why the devil is after you, the tree having good mangoes will be stoned than the tree without good mangoes, only God can help you, we were created by God and our God is spirit, whoever will receive God’s blessings will be in spirit, get saved and get deliverance and your life will be better.

July 13, 2020 |
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