Confession #383

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Since I was 18 I have been with many girls/grown women. Over the years(I’m 23 now) I’ve learned womens nature. I think to myself if this girl is willing to sleep with me constantly while she has a boyfriend/husband than whos to say it won’t happen to me when I get older and probably not as attractive? I didnt start off sleeping with other mens girls/husbands but after realizing how many girls/women cheat I figured I’m doing the men being cheated on a favor and or that they are just suckers. You should hear the stories grown women told me about just being with their husbands for money… Aside from that I also string girls along just so I can f**k them. I know its wrong but I like p***y and am too scared of commitment. Especially the virgins I have sex with who really deserve to be with a guy who will marry and provide for them, I’m sorry. I hope that this confession will rid me of my guilt and hopefully I will change my ways instead of being a horn dog. Again I’m sorry

April 13, 2020 |
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