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so, i am that 34-year-old lady.
progress, so after getting a taste of the gals game, we agreed we stay away from each other and let the distance take its toll. but mungu naye ni nani, husband got a trip to Nanyuki,job related last week Wednesday and Thursday. guess who called in sick at work. at this point i have the gals number,so wednesday i ask her if shes around we could spend time,no sex. she agreed. at around 11am she shows up with flowers and some shopping bag, bacon ,sausages pizza, wine, coffee too but it was going cold, and chocolates(assorted). am shocked ,where did she get all this money, did she rob the parents , so i ask her and she tells me apparently people earn money from tiktok. wow!! am stunned. so we set up the sitting area,let the curtains down till its dark then switch on Netflix as we start tallking and eating. at some point our fingers touch and i pull away so fast as she starts apologizing. i advice her not to i am the one on the wrong for pulling away,it is just that am scared of what might happen as i was already horny just sitting next to her. she asks if its ok to touch and see,but who am i to resist,since in my head thats what i wanted. as she felt my wetness,she goes like “wooahh you are dripping then she slowly rubs my c**t as she looks deep into my eyes in that not very lit room. she removes her finger and licks it😨😨. then leans in and starts kissing me till i was all out of breath. we undress so fast and befor we know it the room is filled with soft moans from both of us. wemake love for amost 25minutes roughly and she starts shaking and moaning even louder,,with my fingers inside her,,i understand what was happening,i hold so tight as she orgams.we kiss after and lay there holding eachother. remember husband has travelled for 2 days. so that day we pretty much explored everything there is to explore, this little gal understands the human anatomy more than anyone av met. we talk and laugh for hours that we end up falling asleep

November 28, 2022 |
2022-11-29 10:39:13

N if u need more excitement. I can bring a girl or u bring one. we have a threesome.

2022-11-29 10:34:56

To a large part I am here to rub one out. Tell her not gift. That is evidence. Plus it makes it more formal. I am kinda a cheater. I know how to keep girls on their lane. What I have learned is to never make them too comfortable with u. Plus u keep meet ups. No more than 2 times a month. N mostly once a month. That way u guaranteed to f**k n with minimal risk of attachment.

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