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So I met this girl on tagged. Chat kiasi, exchange of numbers. Dame akaniambia nimtumie fare akam. Nikasema mi situmangi fare, apande Bolt ikifika nitalipa. Akasema zi, ati ashaiambiwa hivo kufika the guy was nowhere to be found. So stalemate. Nikasema no problem, next time niko hio area I’ll call her. Akadai nikiwa area si nilale tu kwake. Nikajibu negative. Snipers don’t shoot from discoverable positions. For whatever reason she’s still been keeping tabs on me, saying hello, adding me to useless groups and stuff. Sasa leo nimekua na mgeni akaona pics za huyo dem. Akanishow mzito, bwana ya hii ni jambazi sugu sana. Kama unataka kukula risasi ya matako jaribu kudeal nao. I’ve deleted the chic’s number and deleted my tagged profile. My p***y hunting will now be restricted to bordellos

June 21, 2021 |
2021-06-21 17:01:24

Hahaha….that b***h was just securing her territory. There is not chic who will talk good about another chic. She also need the cash.

That said, you just made the right decision. If you are not paying rent for that house, NEVER EVER SLEEP there.

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