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So i met this guy last of last year when I was in 1st year, he’s 45 yrs old and we met on a road he just chose to offer us a lift and drop us at town.

This guy has a wife and three children and everytime he comes back this side he always call and ask to pick me up and book somewhere to sleep. What makes me angry is that I have become his sêx slave bcoz he always demand sêx and nothing else. There’s no romantic things, no table for two like there’s nothing, I only give him sêx then we’re done.

The next morning he will drop me off and never call again. I will hear from him again when he comes back then we have SÊX then he drop me off at home.

What hurt’s the most is that when his wife calls I have to keep quiet 😭💔 he can spend hours talking to his wife and children while I’m next to him, so I have realised that I deserve better and I also have to focus on my books bcoz education is the gateway to success.

I also told myself that what I’m doing, is destroying another women’s family and happiness and I deleted his numbers and blocked him from WhatsApp but the problem is that I love him I don’t know weather to unblock him or to continue with the decision I took.

April 10, 2024 |
2024-04-11 09:28:29

Don't be stupid. What do you think shld happen. He is married he can't claim you little sex toy. He only want your c**t. If you want romance get yourself a broke classmate.

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