Confession #287

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So, it was a normal sunday nothing much going on just watching movies and doing other stuff,my friend a salaried one ,calls me and tells me they’ve been paid and he’s around my place ,(i stay at a place surrounded by good clubs),i take a quick shower and head out to join them ,on arrival i notice its a sausage festival,and this being my area i feel obligated to get some hunnies there’s this lady ive been courting for a while ,shes the best,,,,i call her and tell her to come along with her friends ,in no time theres like 7 ladies on our table and all seems to be good,,soon as they arrived my “lady” is all over my salaried friend and they end up hooking up right before my eyes ,,we partied all day and all night and soon it was time to go home ,my friend tells me he wants to crush at my place and i accept ,as we’re heading to my place i notice my lady is tagging along ,,soon as i open the door they rush to my bed and start making out..i take the couch and have to suffer through their noisy session ,,should i have kicked them out?

March 23, 2020 |
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