Confession #547

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So this year around Feb, I passed by my bff’s place tukitoka class na yeye. We were both going through some s**t so we went and bought some weed halafu tukaenda kwa nyumba. Tuliwatch movie kadhaa tukakula halafu around 10 hapo we started stoning. I don’t smoke btw but ile stress nilikua nayo wacha tu. We smoked for like two hours I can’t remember then Kuna this boychild who is her neighbor kwa apartment alikuja tukaendelea kusmoke na yeye. We were so high and I don’t know who came up with the idea of playing truth and dare but all I can remember your dare could be as extreme as to strip and remain with only two clothes , show your butt and some kinky stuff. Kumbe my bff’s is bisexual. She grabbed me and started unbuttoning my blouse and then unhooked my bra. She caressed my b***s so gently while kissing my neck and twisting my nipples . Akateremka while kissing my stomach and down to my inner thighs and kissed them. I was wearing a short bodycon skirt I think Ni Kama aliirarua. I’m very straight but the way she ate my p***y damn ☺️ let me not continue. That was the best ‘sex’ I ever had. We did this in turns and gave the guy a good handjob . You must pay me to continue this story😂😂🏃🏃 continuation
So my bff was so horny and considering I’d never imagined touching a girl I was shy but she pulled my neck and placed my mouth on her b***s. I sucked one gently while one my hands was on the other b***s as I caressed it. The dude was on her p***y fingering her and sucking her c**t while I caressed her b***s and licked her neck. I think he got so turned on he just jerked off and loads of c*m soaked the sheets. I went down her flat tummy kissing it until I reached her p***y and I sucked on her big c**t as she moaned . It didn’t take long before she burst into an intense o****m with her whole body shaking like an old washing machine.

May 13, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:23

Some crazy s**t here man. F**k

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