Confession #842

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Sometime last year I met this girl on a bus on my way to town, and I asked for her number. After getting home, I started chatting with her praising myself of how I was romantic and good in bed with a 7-inch d**k until it came to the point that she had liked me and she was to come to my room during the weekend. So when the day came, I was well prepared, and I bought condoms and prepared some food for her. After she arrived, she was not even hungry, and all she wanted to be the d**k. Just some quick kissing and romancing on the sofa that it went through well until she could not handle my d**k during the third round, and she had breathing problems, and then she fainted. At that point, my d**k shrunk and a thin sweat started dripping, I was so worried, I thought she was dead. The best thing is that she was still breathing, and I sat for about ten minutes trying to figure out what to do next. I decided to splash some water to know whether it was just a prank, and that’s when she woke up and started apologizing, saying that she was usually sick. She said that could cuddle and it would never happen but I did not listen to her s**t. I called the motorbike man and she got herself home, I deleted her number and ever since every friend in crime knows this.

June 22, 2020 |
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