Confession #32

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Stealing is one thing I find myself doing each and every time i get a chance to do it. It gives me this good feeling of being “mang`aa” and on the other hand a bad feeling because I find myself stealing from my relatives and people who very close to me. To many people am a respected man with dignity and nobody would ever suspect of me stealing. The only person who has ever caught me stealing is grandmother and she passed away some few years ago. Anytime I put a glance at a precious thing, am usually tempeted to steal it at all means no matter the place or the owner of the item. Above all, I sometimes feel guilty of my bad actions, this is especially when people get blamed for mistakes I had done, for example I got my cousin beaten for being suspected to steal from my grandmother. I have once stolen from my father Ksh 1,000 and he did not realise it. The good feeling i get from stealing and not getting caught seems to be enjoying and I do not feel like stopping. I mostly steal cash and electronics and I perfectly know the dangers that face me but I have tried to stop without any success. I hope that one day i will stop stealing because it hurts a lot of people and it would end me up in custody or even a maximum prison.

February 20, 2020 |
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