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There are alot of things that have happened in my life that qualifies to be confessions. None of them are good. I will be posting them here from time to time, just to get them off my chest. For instance, there is this day i made out with my blood sister. We were all high on weed! God! We hate thinking about it! She is married with two lovely kids. Am divorced with one girl, who is staying with the mom. Am afraid, it may happen again, now almost 20 years down the line. My sister says his husband is too “reserved”….and she spends more time in my place. My dauthger loves the company of my sister’s children. The last one week they have been spending in my place. But my sister was sleeping with the kids in the guest room. Last night, we stayed late watching The Warrior Nun on Netflix, we touched, but never did it. Am worried we may do it again!! But she doesnt want to play her husband with some random guy!

July 21, 2020 |
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