Confession #807

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There are this friend and brother who came from a wealthy family. His family and I had excellent ties for about 15 good years as we could travel a lot, party and even fly because he was a pilot at a very young age of 27 years. Fortunately, he was infected with AIDS by a university lady back in 2011. Since money was not an issue and the cars were always fueled, I would act as his company and bodyguard. He got mad and infected a lot of ladies to the extent of neighboring countries. This affected my relationships with ladies, being famous and well known in top national universities, and I have very many girlfriends, but when it comes to dating and having sex, I fear a lot, especially if I don’t know their status or been with them for at least one year. My friend passed away last year, and these feelings haunt me, why could not control my best friend? The rejection of my best friend and women calling me a castrated man, this hurts me. Since then, I have never married, and every 4-7 months relationship dies and am worried that I will die a bachelor.

June 13, 2020 |
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