Confession #793

#793 221

There is a spirit that has taken over the sons of men in the land. It is a spirit that is not satisfied until it has made sacrifice of blood in its libations and sown seeds of discord in its transactions.

Fear is its weapon and dread its means. It is a spirit of Lucifer who has come to steal ,kill and destroy.

When this spirit is left to operate freely , organs of governance are stretched , leaders work at cross purpose and the people live in fear.

Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered. Blow away your enemies like smoke. Catch them in their schemes and frustrate their plans. Cause confusion in their camp and turn them against each other. Roar from heaven and establish your agenda. Erase the memory of some from the surface of the earth and cause the earth to swallow them as though they were never born.

Fight for the cause of the weak , seek justice on behalf of the vulnerable and establish the work of our hands.

All this we pray on the merit of the finished work of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


June 10, 2020 |
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