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There is this cousin sister of mine that I was very fond of despite being older than her. Our parents died an we were raised by our uncle together, she was in high school when I was in campus. When I came home for holidays, she hugged me and told me how she missed me. This made me uneasy because she had developed a sexy figure and firm b*****s. She would even come to my bed and we make up then she would hug me goodnight as she goes to her room, the hug was weird as she would climb over as I laid facing up and that left me horny. I started having feelings for her and she would come to my bed and do all kind of things except sex and she would not complain. I then decided to get out of my uncles house and get my own, we would talk over the phone and it ended up with sexting. Am now married and she finished high school and came visiting, she hugged me tight but my wife did not suspect anything. One day there was a problem at work and so I came home early and my wife was not around, I found her in the shower and she told me to get in with her in the shower and we touched but never had sex, she asked whether it was wrong and I said it was. Afterwards she tells my wife stories about us and things we had done, my wife could not take it and went to a friend’s place. I went to my cousin bedroom and we had sex, the next morning she told my wife about it, I had to choose between my wife and cousin, I gladly choose my wife.

April 11, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:16

Wah! Kumbe tuko wengi. Am in bed with my cousin. We have just f****d, first time. I have seen someone posting this on whatsapp group am in. We re both freshers waiting for KUCCPs placement. She came to visit last week. My dad and mom wanajua tunasoma novels kwa room.

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