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There’s this chic from work she’s skinny but has a nice a*s(slim thick) plus great height. I’ve been eyeing this b***h for a while now, the other day I met her out clubbing n she saw me so she got comfortable with me to a point her friends left n she stayed with me drinking. She got totally drunk n passed out, so carried her back to my place. I tried to resist the temptation but I just had to see if that a*s was real and that’s where things started going south.
I found myself super hard so I tried waking her up to no response I decided to see how tight she was coz one hears stories za how skinny chics wakona mtaro. To my surprise she was tight, nikajipata nimeingiza yote ndani sasa I’m just there pumping yangu yote. 30 min later nikamwaga ndani, I was still hard so I continued na nikamwaga ndani tena. Kupumzika kiasi then ndani tena that night nilimwaga mara kadhaa ndani till I couldn’t sustain an erection anymore.
Morning on waking up kitu 12pm alikuja ju nimemkula aje bila cd n nikamwaga ndani, had to pretend I have no recollection coz of pombe. I managed to calm her town cuddled her kiasi then f****d her tena n she enjoyed every moment of it. Ubaya tu sasa she’s becoming a bit clingy at work to a point she doesn’t want me talking to other chics na kampuni ni 80% madem

July 5, 2022 |
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