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Today’s kids mature as early as they give the first smile after birth. If you want to know that your child’s sexual orientation is ready and that’s she/he is aware about sex issues is the time you birth them. If your realize that your son or daughter is already feeling uncomfortable as you shower them or as you dress them….trust me you ought to prepare as it’s obvious they know the work and sensitivity of those secuality assets. That’s the time you ought to start teaching them steply about sexual matters. Failure to watakujuza kwa nini hawataki kuonekana dudu….they know dudu does shameful things, which the kid already knows. Today’s children are exposed to sexual matters as early as 5 years. Some of us when we were growing even at 12 years our moms would wash us when we improperly take a birth, we would then sit outside naked in the sun to dry ourselves. Today things have changed. Let’s change with the trends. Our children today know more than we do. Advice your child on sexual matters and do not condemn her as to her it might be sounding the right thing. Show her it’s not bad to love but it’s bad to love at the wrong time and let her know the traits of true love that it’s not all about sex as ukiona mtoi akisema about giving birth to a baby she knows that sex might be involved. In case it’s too tough you can still hit my inbox for more advice on the same. Am a freelancer g/c counsellor

May 31, 2020 |
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