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We are married for 8 years now and have two children, 6 and 3. I am a hardworking hustler but due to Covid my work went down and sometimes, despite struggling, I make nothing in a day, but I somehow manage to get some to feed my family regularly and sustain the basic needs. But sometimes it gets hard and we have found ourselves sleeping hungry.
But something has shocked me. I happened to find my wife’s phone unlocked and a message from Mpesa indicated she had almost 30,000 in her Mpesa account. That shocked me since the previous two days had been a real struggle to get something to eat, even rent had not been paid which is Kshs 8,000 per month. When I asked her, she told me am not supposed to check her phone at any time and even nearly became chaotic saying a real woman should have some money reserved for her in case of anything, which she did not explain.
I felt betrayed. How can my wife be hiding so much money when we are suffering? mind you I have never denied her when I have so no excuse whatsoever for her actions.
Worse, I talked to some buddies and they told me: welcome to marriage, where women have millions but can never spend on their families unless the husband is dead.

May 20, 2023 |
2023-05-23 14:21:45

The friends are right, only rarely do you get women who can support you financially in tough times.Also,in such occasions, it's mostly a matter of time, before women start cheating with financially stable men.Ideally,a man should be able to provide, since that's the role of a man in a relationship

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