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Well. I may be the first to die, and assume it was the end of the world. But when I can still afford it, let me post it here. I have been collecting posts of people saying that they are desperate and wish that someone could send them some money via mpesa to survive. I think we are all taking this for granted now, because our support systems are still up and running. But again, I dont think that is the case. We are dying….human race is about to be wiped out. Just like in the movies and sci-fi movies. Media’s attention is yet to be pulled towards this, of coz here in Kenya, is because of politics. Our yielding rates are different. But we are all going down. Last week we did a fundraiser for a friend who had nothing to eat and he and the family was almost being evicted from the house due to rent arrears. Now, in the same group, 5 more people are seeking similar help. The rich may have something to survive for a few more days, but think of that person who was living one day at a time. Soon activists will stand up and tell politicians to shut the f**k up….I think they should. Until we solve the corona pandemic. Coz how will we have elections when we cant gather? Food reserve are getting depleted. A surge will hit those countries that have lifted the lockdown. A president or two will be killed by his/her subjects for leading people to death. Then people will become savage. 9million deaths is not something to ignore. If we dont have a cure or vaccine in the next few months, things will get ugly…..I fee this is the apocalypse. We may be around for a fee more years, maybe a decade or so. But am afraid our race may be wiped out in a century. I will be posting here daily for as long as the internet is still up….which wont be long. Soon it will be very expensive to even send a text message……

June 24, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:37

That’s an interesting view of things.

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