Confession #1103

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When I was a small boy at class four I could get a hardon off course in the morning hours just like any other man, an aunt of ours came to live with us at home, I won the contest between my brother s and sisters and I was lucky she would spend on our bed me and my brother, in the village there is no visitors room, a visitor nomally sleeps with a local, my aunt was at class 7 and she knew about the game of grownups but no one knew including my parents, One evening a neighbour managed to bang her and the neighbour had a big d**k, I guess he teared her up and it was very painfull to her, when sleep time came she told me shes really suffering down there and she doesn’t know what to do to make the pain calm down, I told her maybe if I put my finger in the honeypot the pain might dissappear, she was desparate so she let me put my finger provided I slide in the finger slowly I fingered her and she felt better and we slept, I was wondering why she was panting kumbe alikuwa anakam through,
The following day we talked about it then she told me ill put my fimbo instead of the finger , I made love to her, for the first time and it was the sweetest thing I have ever done, nkachizi, we started being like a man and wife at bed time for two years, I can say I learnt sex styles at a very early age, she would sometimes come on top and bang me like a man does, it was the best time until she finished class 8, she left and dry spell sat on me like never before, I managed to bang several girls but none gave me satisfaction like she did, I can actually remember the smell of her p***y, she is now married with 6 kids but I miss those moments big time, she ran away with my virginity actually

August 25, 2020 |
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