Confession #226

#226 75

When I was in my late twenties my Buddy started his own landscaping business and asked me to work for him. He was the oldest of six children andhis parents had a large house in a lot of property as well as a huge garage which was our base of operations. So we would meet there every morning and then come back and drop off all the equipment at the end of the day. The youngest of his siblings was the only one still living at home with their parents.
The rest had moved out or were going to college. often at the end of the day when we would be dropping off the equipment is little sister would come out to say hi, usually in tiny shorts and a tank top. He would always yell at her to go back in the house.
Then one day he got hurt at work and was laid up for about 2 months and asked me to continue running the business on my own while he recovered. On just the second day of me working alone I got back to his parents house to drop off the equipment to find a little note stuck under the wiper of my windshield. Her name and cell and the words “text me”. So I did.
She was shy in person but much more forward when texting me. Telling me how sexy she thought I was and how she’s always wanted to be with an older guy. Because of her age and somewhat shy personality I had assumed she was a virgin but she told me she had been with a few guys but all her age and she wasn’t impressed. The next morning when I showed up for work she was standing at the door waiting for me.
Both of her parents worked so during the summer when there was no school she was home alone all day. I go say good morning and she invites me in. The second the door closes behind us we’re making out. While we rub our tongues together I lifted her up and carred her down the hall to her bed room and tossed her down on the bed. at one point she got a little apprehensive and tried to slow things down but I wasn’t having it. I pulled her shorts off and pulled my d**k out.
TO BE Continued…….

March 10, 2020 |
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