Confession #408

#408 85

When we were little, being a handful of us, we were kittens, playful and all.
However that didn’t stop when guests came to visit our home.
Mum had a way of managing us. She ordered us to stay in the bedroom till wageni waende. Mum always escorted them out.

on our part, we had a ritual.

Once wageni waende we would rush to where they sat and smell the cushions! And feign a foul odor by fanning our noses.

We did this for quite a while.

One such time, mum alirudi speedy with one of the visitors ati she had forgotten her mzigo. They found us smelling on the cushions. Grown up now, i can imagine how embarrassing it was for our dear mum. She apologised and left again with the guest this time with the mzigo.

When she returned, tulisondekwa sonde sonde.

That is the last time nilinusa tako.

April 21, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:17

This was narrated by Bingwa S*****m on ..if you are not him, then stop plagiarising

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