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Wicked confession (Kuchapa mboch miti)

December 11, 2023 |
2023-12-16 22:14:32

Nice one bro.

2023-12-11 09:56:21

She asks "why me? Mbona” I asked her what she was expecting dancing almost naked every morning in front of me and also coming to my room naked n locking the door even after seeing I’m naked as well.
I spread her legs wide open n forcefully shoved my d**k in, tears rolled down her eyes as her p***y got wetter n creamier with each stroke. Soon her cries turned to moans as she locked her legs around me, I asked her if she wanted me to stop n she said “no continue tu hivyo I’m almost coming” at this point I just laughed.
After this first encounter she kept on sneaking into my room every night and early morning once everyone left, this continued for about 2 weeks till I left and went back to nai.
Till date she gets in touch asking if we can meet or if she can come work for me.
I came so many times in her during that period, thank goodness for P2

2023-12-11 09:55:24

Few years back I was visiting home(msa) n found a ka fine mboch there with a nice nyash, took a few days for her to be comfortable around me.
She loved dancing and most times I'd watch her dance in a very short tennis skirt n damn it was one of the sexiest things ever, came to find out most mornings she's usually commando.
One night after kupiga sherehe came back late I accidentally went into her room instead of mine as they were next to each other,I undressed n just as I was getting on the bed that's when she alerted me. All this time she was just watching me undress without saying a word, that's when I first noticed she slept naked and I instantly got hard. She saw this n just laughed, for the next few days this was an inside joke we shared just 2 of us.
One day she asked if I could teach her how to bet as she saw me winning a number of times, I said yes to it and we agreed on a time. I managed to convince her that the best time would be at night once she's done with her work and

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