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Yes, men do love sex some even say more than food,so do women.(speaking for myself) .and yes ladies need to spice up their skills in the bedroom, but sex is not what keeps a man or woman in a marriage. It is s****y one of the things that make a marriage last, but not THE thing.

Did you know that some couples avoid talking about issues by having sex, then after they are finished they are back to the silent treatment.. They keep hurting which makes them grow apart thus leading to breakup??.

What a marriage needs is intimacy .

Intimacy is not necessarily being sexual

Intimacy is **communicating with your spouse about the going ons at home, work, kids, the projects you have, even silly things…. 😊

Intimacy is **understanding your spouse, knowing their intimate details that only YOU would know or notice.. the little things do matter….. Like the way they take their coffee black and extra sweet, the way he wears his socks after wearing his trouser, the way she combs her hair, the way he chews his food so loud 😂it irritates you,… Or her favorite brand of chocolate that is only found on the other side of town…..

Intimacy is **appreciating your spouse for being a good mother, wife, hubby, father and telling /showing how proud you are of them…

Intimacy is spending time together as a couple.. Dating each other even after marriage to remind yourselves of the things that attracted you to each other.

Intimacy is s****y holding his/her hand or cuddling while seated watching tv…

Intimacy is making eye contact and saying i love you without saying a word.

Intimacy is being silly with each other and not feel awkward about it….

Intimacy is **loving each other 1 Cor 13:4-7 sums it all up.


Alot of men have enjoyed great sex in their marriages, but still are unfaithful because their souls are not nourished/ satisfied.

A successful marriage MUST encompass ALL the above not forgetting God….. Above all.

June 6, 2020 |
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