Kanairo Confession: A Nairobian Who lost everything.

This Blogpost has been compiled from real confession that was originally posted on confessions.co.ke. All facts and figures are as presented by the original posts here:

Let me confess to you how i lost everything!!! My job that came with affording a nice 2bd house in Kile, my blvck 320i that i sold for dirt cheap to pay debt, hot yeroyero girlfriend who left!!!! You guy my guy friends left!!!! Jiweke sundayplan gang Left!!!

My phone has not rang for days, maybe alerts za TRIPLE5BET or family checking up on me. Thank God for Family, though SITAWAI TAKE FOR GRANTED I SWEAR AKI YA MUNGU!!!!
….but before i get there, here is how i began..

So vile nilimaliza 4th year pale methodist Uni Main campus in Meru, my yeroyero bado alikua 3rd, at that time coding wasnt a big thing, tulikua wajanja wachache pale, so i got a connect from iHub tukatengeneza apps, when i made my first mili, rushed to Nairobi that weekend and bought a Fozzy, i was 27 years old and it was adream come true. Life is Meru was the s**t bana!!! Always at Nakumatt mawikendi nyama choma, it was cheap, i was in heVen.

Dem nilikua namdrop hadi daro kila asubuhi pia nampick, after two years she got an internship through my friend ya gova KFS, she had to move to Nairobi.
Mimi meru was becoming a home but issues zikaanza na mama juu ya insecurities na distance.

Ikabidi niende nrb even though It was an expense juu i had an own compound na rent in Meru was just 14k. In Nrb ilibidi niingie 1bdrm Uthiru at some apartments.

That year i was even more successful made three apps tukalipwa kama s**t!! Nikauza Fozzy bought a Mark X hehehe! Life was sweet. Sasa there was a club pale galana called Kiza, ilikua imefunguliwa, HEPI tupu!!!

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Me and mama tulikua tunaishi the life we see on TV! We met alot of people and thats where i met the you guy my guy crew… vile ilifika december we had one app that was pending ikanuniliwa, we did a good job and we were paid a bonus for early completion, plus kwa contract it was to be paid after sale since client was a third party, 3% of total profits.

It was alot hadi ….Ikabidi nihame Kileleshwa. Come to think of it, i was stupid one of my friends alipata hio pesa akanunua old school Rav4 used to operate from Kericho, a big farmer now, the other one ako Syokimau got married soon after, we dont talk.

*to be continued***

January 26, 2021 |
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