Confession #841

#841 61

1.Married to a separated husband or devorced husband.
2.Two children living with the grand mother.
3.Step wife (ex wife to the husband) relocated somewhere unknown upto date leaving children under the care of their grandparents and the husband.
4.Onset of CORONA VIRUS made everything to halt even businesses collapsing.
5.Children withdrawn back to the Father’s house inorder to take care of their needs or basic wants.
6.The current wife has a child with the husband who is living together with other siblings in the same house.
7.The ex_wife threatens to come back and destroy the marriage having discovered that the children were recalled back by their father because of needs provisions.
1.Provided you are living with the husband for a longer while without ex’s husband presence and having acknowledged the children as yours she should not come to interfere with your marriage because if in one way or another she were serious about her marriage she wouldn’t have left the husband but instead she chose to at her own expense and reasons best known to her.
2.Provided you are staying in your own house she shouldn’t tress pass and create disturbance because that is very offensive and against the Law and as such you are at liberty to report her to the Police Station for creating disturbance at your place since she has no right at all.By this even in the court of Law once sued she will be put to task to answer why she left her husband for a longer while only to come and havoc in another person’s house or home.
3.Let your husband put a stop to that creating disturbance nonsense if at all he needs peace and cohesion in the family by either securing you ahouse for you and your child whereas he allow the Ex wife decide on her own by cautioning her on the consequences of what she will attempt to do that is sinful.
4.Negotiate with your husband on the need to involve the Elders so that he can interrogate

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