Confession #1393

#1393 251

Forgive me father for I have sinned
It has been a hundred days since my last confession
And my friend told me that I must repent
Before my soul gets too stained
To the point beyond anyone could cleanse
So here I am
My thoughts have not been so pleasant
My tongue no longer speaks sweet words
But rather mischief
Unsound and manic
I might be too far gone for you to save
And you might think not
Since I may seem to be here to redeem my soul
But my soul does not seek redemption
It’s transgressions have been countless
It is consumed by the feeling
And only craves to do more….
It is said that God can see us all
But I am afraid the devil has casted a cloud upon me
I hear voices
They told me that the saviour does not come for the damned
and I am now a silver-tongued assassin
A counterfeit gunman
I doubt that you can bear to hear
of my slaughter house and butchery at hand
So tell me…who will come for me now?
I have become a s****t
diagnosed as brain sick
Even my therapist needed a therapist
Tell me,
What messiah will come save my soul?
I am sorry
For my confessions seem to lack sympathy
But I guess my question is
How many sins can I commit
Before I can commit no more

January 24, 2021 |
2021-01-27 09:28:25

nice one

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