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I hate trans people. I hate them so much. They’re like a brainwashed crowd – my friend recently became trans, and the moment he started identifying as such he became very insufferable, and very narcisistic – always making topics into something about Gender or Sexuality, not every f*****g topic needs to be turned into that s**t!!! And it’s the case for every damn transgender person, the more i meet, the more i see that they all act the same, that they try to be their deformed version of how a woman should act like. It’s disgusting and deplorable. And to think I was actually accepting of them. S**t, i’m g*y, and I still hate them, and i hate the LGBTQ+ movement, i hate affirmative action, as it brought no good ever. The world was better before all these radical movements. F**k.

March 28, 2021 |
2021-03-28 18:36:04

They talk about people accepting them for who they are. But they can't accept themselves for who they are. They can't even accept their own biological sex.
They're just delusional and have gone too deep in their mental issue of gender dysphoria. And what does the public do? They play along with these trans idiots.
When you see a schizophrenic person who says their pen is talking to them, do you just agree or do you give them treatment to understand reality?
Same way with stupid creatures called trans. They have a mental illness where they can't distinguish between their feminity/masculinity and their biological sex. We are supposed to treat them to understand their biological sex rather than play along with their delusions.
The world is becoming more and more pathetic. And this is all thanks to stupid, self-victimizing, liberal cunts.

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