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I really messed up. I was ovulating and because of that, my sex drive was really high. I just reaaaalllly needed to fck and come, like really badly.
I live with my bf so I told him to do it with me but first, he said it’s not safe but then agreed to do it with a condom. He couldn’t even make me come. He kept coming too soon. I was so frustrated. Sex was the only thing on my mind all day. I couldn’t think of anything other than getting something shoved in my puss.
Anyway, this garbage collector showed up after my bf left, and I had sex with him thinking I’ll be able to get away. He fcked me so angrily and it made me come really hard that I forgot to tell him to pull out. He came inside me.
Since I was ovulating, I could get pregnant so I took some pills to avoid it. But now I am pregnant. I don’t even know this guy.
What should I do? I haven’t told my bf yet.

April 9, 2021 |
2021-04-09 08:26:43

You made your bed, so sleep on it. Keep the pregnancy. And start looking for your garbage guy.

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