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I remember nikiwa form 4, while idling waiting for the last KCSE practical exam, our Physics teacher assigned me to supervise form 2 exams.

So, Mimi badala ya kuSupervise wanafunzi, nikaanza kuSupervise mwalimu hapo kwa mlango ndio wanafunzi waCheat venye wanapenda.

All students including CU diehards cheated, but for THREE. Hao watatu walisimama na morality and I really admired their discipline until one of them came to me and asked for permission to go to the toilets. Badala aende kwa choo, akaenda POWER ROOM which was next to their class. For starters, power room ni ile room watu wa CU huenda kuomba hadi miracles zinaHappen, mnaipataaa?

Kidogokidogo tukaanza kuskia power prayers, prayer motomoto, zikilipuka. The boy was commanding God like his younger brother, “Jehovah, I command you to open my brains right now! Make me remember what I read.

I have been faithful to you Jehovah, it is your turn to make me pass this exam. Ashame the devil! Yesterday, I served you in the choir upto 1AM, order the angels to accompany me fada lawd! Others are cheating dear Lord, I have been faithful to you!” Hapo ndio niliona anachoma, nikaenda nikamtoa kwa hiyo power room na kumrudisha exam room.

Anyway, at the end of the day, the best student got 22% (Physics teachers ni nini huwasumbua lakini?) and the worst student got 01%.

Can you guess who the best student was? Those TWO CU GUYS who didn’t cheat and never went to the power room got 22% and 20%. The cheating students danced between 02% and 17%. The worst student was the CU student who went to shout at God in the power room.

“Moral: WORK hard, PRAY hard, DONT cheat the process!”
Haiya! Mi naenda jumuiya! Nyinyi bakini hapo mki-sin.

January 26, 2021 |
2021-01-26 14:23:43

Kwani Kcse watu hupewa marks zao

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